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Ashley James Deans, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Upper Atmospheric Physics, Centre for Research in Experimental Space Science, York University, Toronto, Canada, 1976.

M.Sc., Physical Methods of Analysis, The University of Aston, Birmingham, UK, 1970.

B.Sc. (Honors), Physics, Imperial College, London University, UK, 1969.

Professional Membership:
Associate of the Royal College of Science.

Current Position:
1991–present Director, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Fairfield, Iowa; where students practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. Classes consistently score in the top 1% on national standardized tests, and the school has won over a hundred state, national, and international championships in the past decade.

1984-present Associate Professor of Physics, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa.

Sears-Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award.
Enlightened Educator Award.
National Research Council of Canada Post Graduate Fellowship.
Royal Air Force University Scholarship.

Publications in Journals such as:
Journal of Geophysical Research, Planetary and Space Science, Canadian Journal of Physics, Physics Letters B, Physical Review Letters, Track and Field Journal, Medecin Du Quebec, Journal of Crime Psychology and Law.

A Record of Excellence: The Remarkable Success of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, MUM Press, Fairfield, IA 52557.

Hundreds of Presentations and Invited Talks:
At universities and research institutions on Consciousness-Based education and its proven effectiveness in developing the total creative potential of students, and in reducing the acute social stress that is a breeding ground for crime, terrorism, and war.


My main interest is to improve education so that it develops the whole brain physiology of every child, and thereby develops their total creative potential. This can be accomplished through Consciousness-Baded (sm) education, which includes the Transcendental Meditation program, its advanced techniques, and the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying.