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Hello, I watched your appearance on the show: "Na rubu znanosti" in Croatia. After the show I've searched how to do TM on Internet, but ended with a bad search results. I was wondering if you could suggest any literature or some web pages perhaps, that could explaine TM techniques to me?
Thank you very much, best regards

Vera Tomas,
Student of Medicine in Rijeka, Croatia

Dubravka Kodela Pacenti

Hello, I'm teching children from 7 to 14 and I'm very interested in this project of yours. However, I couldn't get one proper information on the net, except for what TM is. My question would be the same Mrs. Tomas sent you. And is there a way I can know more about the project itself so I could talk about it with my Principle?
Thank you so much. Kind regards,
Dubravka Kodela, teacher
Umag, Istria, Croatia

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